2017 Rotary tour for M.E.S.a. - Current Donations: $43,568

We do a lot to improve life for communities in need!

2016 - 2017 M.E.S.A. TRUSTEES

District Governor - Nguyen Do
Past District Governor - Gary Newton
District Governor Elect - Deb Cheney
District International Service Chair - Dean Niese
Treasurer - Jerry Peacock
Secretary - Bob DiNardo
Steering Committee Chair - Robert Vincent

M.E.S.A. Steering Committee

Chairman Robert Vincent
Home Phone 419-460-9169  Cell Phone 419-494-6833
 E-Mail: Chairman@rotarymesa.org

Treasurer  Jerry Peacock
Cell Phone 419-283-8421  E-Mail: Treasurer@rotarymesa.org

Secretary & Communications Chair  Bob DiNardo
Home Phone 419-382-0123   
E-Mail:  Secretary@rotarymesa.org

Director of Operations & Logistics  Gary Davis
Cell Phone   419-348-7719  E-Mail: Logistics@rotarymesa.org

District International Service Chair Dean Niese

International Projects, Communications and Visitations
 E-Mail: InternationalService@rotarymesa.org

M.E.S.A. - Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad
was formed in 1981 by the Rotary Clubs of Northwest Ohio District 6600

Our Vision

To be the best service organization in engaging and facilitating partnerships between Rotary clubs to meet humanitarian needs.

Our Mission

To facilitate international service projects bringing equipment, technology and volunteerism to meet humanitarian needs throughout the world.

We Need your Second-hand Equipment and Supplies

Here’s a Cause You Can Champion and do a World of Good.  In the United States, there's a huge wealth of usable medical equipment and supplies that are no longer in use. Some may be in your local hospital, a storage room or even your own garage.

It's a fact... what's simply second-hand surplus in our country is often state-of-the-art to the healing needs of Guatemala, Zambia or Cambodia. Rotarians have the resources to collect, sort, identify, store and ship millions of dollars of still usable medical supplies and equipment.

You are the key. M.E.S.A.'S efforts in getting surplus equipment and supplies into the right hands would not be possible without your help.


If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's loading a container, painting walls of a our new warehouse, or collecting donations, we need you. And so do communities in need.