2019 Rotary tour for M.E.S.a. - Current Donations: $22,865

2018 - 2019 M.E.S.A. TRUSTEES

District Governor - Maris Lynn Brenner
Past District Governor - Deb Cheney
District Governor Elect - Carolyn Huston
District International Service Chair - Dean Niese
Treasurer - Jerry Peacock
Secretary - Brenda Michalski
Steering Committee Chair - Bob DiNardo

M.E.S.A. Steering Committee

Chairman: Bob DiNardo
Home Phone 419-382-0123  Cell Phone 419-290-6263
 E-Mail: Chairman@rotarymesa.org

Treasurer:  Jerry Peacock
Cell Phone 419-283-8421  E-Mail: Treasurer@rotarymesa.org

Secretary & Communications Chair:  Brenda Michalski
Cell Phone 419-260-8884    E-Mail:  Secretary@rotarymesa.org

Director of Operations & Logistics:  Scott Salyers
Cell Phone   419-348-7719  E-Mail: Logistics@rotarymesa.org

District International Service Chair: Dean Niese

International Projects, Communications and Visitations
 E-Mail: InternationalService@rotarymesa.org