All District 6600 Rotary members are automatically supporting members of M.E.S.A. though your District Membership Dues.

M.E.S.A. offers many additional opportunities to support this important Rotary outreach.

Regular Steering Committee Meetings are held on the Second Wednesday of every month at the warehouse. All members are invited and each Rotary Club is encouraged to send a representative.

M.E.S.A. Warehouse

M.E.S.A. collects and distributes medical equipment from our warehouse at 1370 North Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio.
Volunteers are needed through out the year to help sort, inventory, load and distribute the many donated items that we receive.

M.E.S.A. is as busy as ever and is inviting our various clubs to enjoy the "M.E.S.A. Fellowship Experience."  What that means is that a crew of 5-10 people from each club is needed to help in the M.E.S.A.
warehouse doing one of more of the following activities:

1.      Organizing and cataloging inventory
2.      Preparing a shipment and loading a container
3.      Receiving products being shipped to M.E.S.A.
4.      Other tasks incident to managing the M.E.S.A. warehouse.

So, please check with your club members as to when they would like to come to Fostoria. 

You can pick a month or just indicate your availability on an "as needed basis." 

M.E.S.A. owns a warehouse to collect, organize and distribute donated items around the world.

The M.E.S.A. Warehouse is located at 1370 North Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio

For more information about our warehouse operation contact our
Director of Operations & Logistics
Cell Phone 419-348-7719 or E-mail: Logistics

2019 Rotary tour for M.E.S.a. - Current Donations: $57,524