MESA collects and sends medical and
educational materials around the globe.

In the United States, there’s a huge wealth of usable medical equipment and supplies that are no longer in service.

The second-hand surplus in our country is often state-of-the-art to the healing needs of developing countries. Rotarians have the resources to collect, sort, identify, store and ship millions of dollars of still- usable medical supplies and equipment.

The supplies and equipment go from MESA’s warehouse in Fostoria,
into a shipping container, and then into the port of a local Rotary Club for distribution.

It really helps people all over the world and helps recycle medical equipment rather than being thrown away or discarded. It’s good environmentally, it’s good economically, and it’s good medically.”

Dr. David Weldy –
MESA volunteer and associate professor
University of Toledo, Department of Family Medicine

People of Action:

If you are, or know of a group of people that are
People of Action, then you are a great fit for MESA!

If you are someone who wants to make a difference, then you are a great fit for MESA! We are looking for People of Action to partner with MESA. There are opportunities to help us grow our supply network, make a service project road trip to our warehouse, or participate in one of our many fundraising bike rides.

Through increased generosity of our network of equipment and supply donors, our inventory is up by 300%. We have the ability to provide more life- affirming opportunities for many, but we need your help and support to make it happen. MESA welcomes corporate, individual, or Rotary Club donations and sponsorship of shipments. -> More about our fundraisers


We ship millions of dollars’ worth of medical and educational materials to Central America, West Africa, and Eastern European countries from our 23,000-square-foot warehouse.

There are only two of these Rotary warehouses in the United States, and we have one here in District 6600 in Fostoria, Ohio.

Get your club involved in the next Rotary Tour for MESA Bike Ride!

Every summer, cyclists from Northern Ohio take a tour of Rotary District 6600 to raise funds and awareness for MESA. The tour typically lasts for 5 days, is about 250‑350 miles long and includes stops at clubs throughout the district.