Get Involved

Donate Equipment

In the United States, there’s a huge wealth of usable medical equipment and supplies that are no longer in use. Some may be in a local hospital, a physician or dentist office, a nursing home, a storage room, or even your own garage.

  • Equipment must be in working order
  • Include manuals with donated equipment
  • MESA cannot certify dollar values of donated items
  • Deliver items to the MESA warehouse when possible or schedule a pickup
  • No perishables, please


  • ultrasound equipment
  • crank-type hospital beds
  • sphygmomanometers
  • anesthesia machines
  • dental hand instruments
  • stainless steel instruments,
  • examination tables
  • gurneys
  • dental chairs
  • compressors
  • rubber gloves
  • hospital gowns
  • bed linens
  • mattresses
  • blankets
  • diapers
  • dressings

Other humanitarian items:

  • Books (Spanish or English)
  • Computers (not too old)
  • Educational software 
  • Used clothing (any season)
  • Shoes (especially for kids)
  • Used school furniture 
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste 
  • Baby receiving blankets 
  • Paper and writing materials
  • Wheelchairs and crutches

Provide Financial Support

Your financial contributions help cover the costs for shipping (approximately $7,000 – $12,000 per shipment) and the warehouse costs.

Volunteer at the Warehouse

Help at the warehouse (crew of 5-10):

  • Organizing and cataloging inventory
  • Preparing a shipment and loading a container
  • Receiving products being shipped to M.E.S.A.
  • Other tasks for managing & maintaining the M.E.S.A. warehouse

Participate in Rotary Tour for MESA

Planning for 2023 Tour is in full swing! 

The dates, routes and stops will be:


Saturday, June 24: Sandusky (overnight/breakfast), Port Clinton (mid-morning rest stop), Oak Harbor (lunch), Fremont (dinner/overnight);


Sunday, June 25: Fremont (breakfast/brunch—noon departure), Bellevue (mid-afternoon rest stop), Milan, (rest stop), Norwalk (dinner/overnight);


Monday, June 26: Norwalk (breakfast), Ashland (lunch), Oberlin (dinner/overnight);


Tuesday, June 27: Oberlin (breakfast), Elyria/Elyria Sunrise (mid-morning rest stop), North Coast (lunch), Lorain (dinner/overnight);


Wednesday, June 28: Lorain (breakfast), Amherst (mid-morning rest stop), Vermilion (lunch), Huron (mid-afternoon rest stop), Sandusky (end, no formal event).

It really helps people all over the world and helps recycle medical equipment rather than being thrown away or discarded. It’s good environmentally, it’s good economically, and it’s good medically.”

Dr. David Weldy –
MESA volunteer and associate professor
University of Toledo, Department of Family Medicine