Our Work

How does MESA work?

What is obsolete or surplus in the U.S. is often state-of-the-art in places like Guatemala, Zambia or Cambodia.

Example: kidney dialysis machines for Nigeria

We have the resources to collect, store, and ship MILLIONS of dollars of USABLE medical and humanitarian equipment and supplies.

You are the key. MESA’S efforts in getting surplus equipment and supplies into the right hands would not be possible without your help.

No longer JUST “Medical” Equipment and Supplies!

  • Medical equipment/supplies for hospitals & clinics
  • Educational supplies for schools & literacy centers

MESA is in partnership with Resource Centers International
specifically for computers and educational equipment.

Resource Centers International is a project of the Rotary Clubs of District 6600 and its international service project, MESA.

Along with our International partners, we are opening Resource Centers in pre- and primary schools in Belize. Containers are loaded with educational equipment and sent to the District/Province for final distribution to schools.

A mission team of Rotarians and local educators then visits each site to set up the Resource Center. During the visit the mission team provides information on how to use and integrate the products sent which include:

  • Computers, each loaded with educational software
  • Books that can be used at all levels in the school: picture books for the youngest, resource books and novels for the older students
  • Televisions with VHS or DVD players and media
  • Books shelves
  • Educational games and toys
  • Sporting equipment