Rotary Tour for MESA

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Planning for the next MESA Tour is in full swing! The dates, routes and stops can be found on the attached Tour Flyer.

Tour Flyer

Get the details

Rider Registration

Get registered

Paper Pledge Sheet

For for riders/donors to mail

MESA Donation Form

Pledge to support a rider

How to get your club involved in the Tour:

Contribute dollars per mile.
Have your club pledge dollars per mile for any one or all of the riders.
Sponsor a rider from your own club.
Have your club pledge dollars per mile for a member of your club to ride the Tour with us.
Have members of your club ride part way.
Sponsor members from your club to ride a few miles on one day of the Tour.
Use the Tour as a tool to raise interest and funds for MESA.
Make the Tour Week your week to generate pledges and contributions for MESA. Many clubs already contribute on a per member basis – the Tour can be a way to increase awareness of MESA.
Check the Rotary District 6600 website for Tour journals.
We will post daily journals so you can follow our escapades.
Plan to get on our itinerary next year.
Start now to petition MESA to be a host site for next year.

Have questions about the Rotary Tour for MESA?

Please contact the MESA Tour Coordinator, Kurt Anderson (Elyria Sunrise Rotary Club)

How to Prepare to Ride

This information is for those who are riding more than one day and maybe even all week on the Rotary Tour For MESA. The purpose of this information is to help clarify what may be inaccurate presumptions about the tour and to help new riders especially feel more comfortable with how this ride differs from about any tour you’ve ever ridden.

MESA Bike Tour Support Vehicles

The ride will be supported with both a service truck for securing and hauling bikes, luggage and supplies and a small tour bus for assisting riders who may need a break from the elements and tired muscles.