Based in Northwest Ohio M.E.S.A. is active in meeting humanitarian needs around the World.

 M.E.S.A. is an International Service Organization Operated and Largely Supported by Financial Donations, Volunteer Efforts and Donated Medical Equipment and Supplies Provided by the Rotary Clubs of Northwest Ohio

M.E.S.A. - Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad was formed in 1981 by the Rotary Clubs of Northwest Ohio District 6600

Our Vision

To be the best service organization in engaging and facilitating partnerships between Rotary clubs to meet humanitarian needs.

Our Mission

To facilitate international service projects bringing equipment, technology and volunteerism to meet humanitarian needs throughout the world.

We Need your Second-hand Equipment and Supplies

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Rotary Tour for M.E.S.A.

The annual M.E.S.A. bike tour is a fundraiser. We ride bicycles to raise money for the operational budget of M.E.S.A. Our annual goal is to raise $55,000.

Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad Foundation, Inc.


M.E.S.A. owns a warehouse to collect, organize and distribute donated items around the world.
The M.E.S.A. Warehouse is located at 1370 North Main Street, Fostoria, Ohio


Our mission is to establish Resource Centers in Infant and Preschools and libraries in communities that lack basic resources.

2019 Rotary tour for M.E.S.a. - Current Donations: $57,524